“Progress is when we forgive ourselves for taking so long to treat our bodies like a home”
– Yung Pueblo

HI, my name is Hannah, and I love yoga.
I love every inch of discomfort, anger, laughter, bliss, internal screaming, courage, love, self trust, inner knowing, and intimacy it brings along with it. Yoga is not always a love affair for me, some days I get to the mat and cry, other days I get to my mat and I am steeped in pungent Bliss, my thinking-mind, eased. This is yoga. This is the daily practice. Accepting I will never reach an end goal of Health but rather that taking loving care of myself is an every day effort – waking up and CHOOSING our energy ❤ The coming home to ourselves to discover; are we clenching emotion in tight fists, or breathing into our body as a clear channel for energy to appear and disappear…
Yoga became a magic outlet for my mind, body and soul. After I had Scoliosis spinal fusion surgery at age 15, I did not think I could ever possibly  feel good in my body again. I felt stuck (literally i kind of was, with metal rods along my spine!). I felt uncomfortable and foreign in this body, like a jail cell. My body was weak and aching for acknowledgement. Yoga came to me here. From the bottom I climbed back up out of making all these emotions mean I was weak or small. I used the discomfort as fuel, believing for the first time I am worthy of feeling free and good in my body

How often do you sit with yourself in silence?
No distractions. No cell phone. No computer.
Eyes closed, ears and mind listening.
As the witness, the observer of mind, body, breath…
What is here? What arises when you settle the self upon the self?
Instead of meeting tension with more tension, what if we changed the game… What if we met tension with surrender? A deep breath?
Does this change everything?

I believe in making your yoga practice all about you. This is your time of reconnection to your truest, most raw self – and right now we could aalll use this art of tuning in (to ourselves) by tuning out (social media, ads, other people’s opinions or politics), more than ever. There is no right or wrong way to show up for yourself, you are doing the work just by sitting down with yourself and BEING ❤
This is your time.

My dream with this online platform, with my teachings and with my life, is to create a space for people to come together and create spacious community. Although this may be tricky to do online, I am determined to put this into action. I want to encourage you into your depth, your heart, your body. This space is safe. I believe that a community that chooses to open together, heals together, grows together.