Shaking Medicine

Shaking Medicine or sometimes known as TRE, Trauma Release Exercise: 
A breath guided journey, through a range of relaxing and expressive movement meditation’s for all levels.

Therapeutic Tremoring for Vibrant Health

“Shaking Medicine is primarily a practice of learning to let go of control and trusting your intuition. To access therapeutic tremoring, we first guide you into a present, grounded, and centred state so that the practice is done safely and effectively. Once in this state, we invite you to begin tuning into your tremor mechanism. As this happens, these tremors begin to move through you bit by bit.
This will likely happen in your first session or, more rarely, it may take a few sessions. It is very worth sticking with it until you do find it. This is a natural mechanism within all mammals, that has evolved over millions of years. It is within you too and once you remember it you will be able to access it for life. We emphasize and share with you how to self-regulate your practice to keep it safe. In our sessions we offer you tools on how to do this. The shake generally feels pleasant, refreshing, nourishing, rejuvenating, energizing and even child-like as you make a conscious choice to self-induce the shaking to heal and unravel anything that does not serve you.”
– Founder of Shaking Medicine, Keith Motes (PhD)

Honouring every sensation of the present moment. Truth and direction is delivered THROUGH us in the challenge of sitting with our current state of emotions, and further, letting this emotion (energy-in-motion) MOVE through us. In the world we live in, the typical way of dealing with emotion is to blast over them and brush them off… I was never taught how to sit with emotion, let alone the fact that everything is a SENSATION appearing and disappearing for no one in particular, it just IS.
When energy becomes blocked like this, we create knots in the energy body that if unattended for long periods of time, become ailments and disease in the physical body. These old emotions turn into patterns which turn into beliefs, hindering our life and the flow of our abundant health, happiness and connections. In building a dam-like resistance to the free flowing river of life force energy, or Qi, we shut ourselves off from life and our innate abundance of love and ALIVENESS.

Why Shaking Medicine?
Through this practice of intentionally, mindfully Shaking the body, we invite the energy pathways to OPEN and become free flowing rivers for our utmost health, vibrancy, self-expression and love. 

Benefits of Shaking Medicine…
– Alleviates pain, injury, tension and blockages.
– Helps to tone muscle. Lose weight. Enhance strength, flexibility and reflexes. Improve stamina. 
– Relaxes and grounds us for greater stability and peace of body and mind in our every-day life.

– Improve your energy, sleep, insomnia, stress, anxiety, depression and emotional regulation.
– Relieve trauma, suppressed emotions and mental health ailments such as PTSD.
– Enhance your resilience to future traumatic events and free up fear and apprehension.
– Raise your feeling, emotional, instinctive and intuitive intelligence.

– Free up psychological trauma and mental issues.
– Be in your most resonant, happy, healthy and energetic state of being.
– Increase your sensitivity and perception.
– Cultivate life-force energy in a unique, fundamental, and vibrational way.
– Find greater peace of mind to make living more fun, organic, natural and spontaneous.


Private Sessions,
(Including a pre-session Personal Consultation, and Check-Out post-session connect)
90 minutes
$ 100

Small Group Sessions,
(2-5 people)
90 minutes
$40 per person

Mini Session,
(Uproot + Reset)
~ only available for current clients who have practiced SM with me previously already.
30 minutes

***Low income prices available upon request, let’s chat ❤
All prices are as is, tax already included.