Divine Action

What if you are here to change the world?
What if it’s true?
(It is true)

Every layer must be respected. Truth is being delivered to you through the challenge ❤

It is possible
to make space for yourself in times of distress.
It is possible
to wander while still moving forward with determintation.
It is possible
to love all around and within without attachment to outcomes or labels.

Uncovering our depth and the way we work and tick is our human right – it’s why were here.
It is our divine right.
To experiment on ourselves – to dig – to search what is here, every day.

How can we take such action?
The smallest step – we seem to overthink – is to wake up and be kind to yourself. What is here, how are we feeling? Can we tap in?

I place this reconnecting to myself into three steps, when needed:

s p a c e
give yourself the space to simply be, to sit with what is actually here and arising. No distractions, and whatever comes, comes. No judgement, only open space.

t r u s t
trust your body. Trust that your intuition, YOUR heart and intuitive mind is telling you all that you need to know. We are not our thoughts, and our thoughts do not make or break us. Pull away from what anyone else is doing, saying, thinking about you or your path. This is up to you. Self trust is a beaaautiful, daily practice, that directly serves your soul in divine love and healing.
d i v i n e • a c t i o n
you know what to do. That is the illusion, that you don’t know. You do.
All the answers are within. They are waiting for you.