Only in an open, nonjudgemental space can we acknowledge what we are feeling. Only in an open space where we are not all caught up in our own version of reality, can we see and hear and feel who we truly are, and who others truly are, which allows us not only to be with them and communicate with them properly, but to commune with our truest self in a brand new way.

When we speak of compassion, we are usually speaking about working with those less fortunate than ourselves. We feel that because we have this in which others do not have, so we should be compassionate towards these people who don’t have what we have. However, when working with the teachings of true compassion – this actually involves working first with ourselves in a compassionate way. To honour and respect our own bodies, journeys and mistakes before we move forward. Heal yourself – heal the world. This is known as the Sacred Activist. To love and heal oneself in order to directly change the world around us in a positive way. A ripple effect.

My goal with this online community is to create space for us to share, connect, relate, socialize, ask questions, get answers, receive support and above all, to no longer feel alone.
So if you, like myself, feel as though there is a path you fear following because it speaks to you so deeply. It screams at you in a way that causes you to both fear the depth, and long for more.
An adventure you long to have but it feels too far out of reach?
A stirring in your heart and belly when you think of this dream?
You are in the right place.
You are not alone.

So where do we start?
A simple question, pick up a pen:
How can i be more kind to myself today?
What is keeping me from being aligned with this highest, happiest version of myself?
Stand in your truth, know your truth, and you will feel congruent.
You are loved.

– h