Meet Hannah

I am an E-RYT-200-hr® certified Yoga Teacher, Energy Worker, mover and shaker. Offering meditative movement, intuitive touch, Zen Thai Shiatsu Massage, Trauma Release Exercise, and safe space. My approach to supporting others in health and happiness is hands-on, mindful, respectful and heart-centred. 
I am an E-RYT-200-hr® certified Yoga Teacher, completing her 200 hr YTT in Vancouver B.C. in 2015 with Christina Raskin. I am trained specifically in Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative and both the Chakra System and Ayurvedic Yoga.

My passion lies in witnessing a class of people breathe deeply into their bodies and follow the breath. She is in awe of the way the breath can impact and guide the human body gracefully yet powerfully and with great intention. She enjoys guiding her students into an empowering sweaty practice, always bringing in a smile or a laugh or two before slowing down into deep, loving stretches to ground and reset.

Hannah spent her 23rd year around the sun traveling Australia where she became a certified Shaking Medicine teacher. Shaking Medicine is the art of Voluntary and Involuntary Shaking of the body to heal, transform trauma and release stress and anxiety. She fell in love with Shaking because it was immediately recognized by her body as a movement form that is completely natural! Animals shake off stress when escaping a predator – as humans, we don’t do this. Society has silenced this very unique way of surrender, release and healing. She learned from her teacher, and now good friend, Dr. Keith Motes in Mullumbimby NSW, Australia. Dr. Keith is now guiding yogic festivals around the world through the art of Shaking and has a website where you can learn and take classes online!

Hannah is grateful to have learned Awareness-Based Meditation from a Buddhist teacher while in Australia. She finds deep ALIVENESS in guiding others into uncomfortable, or even shamed, emotions by feeling the sensations arising and falling in their current physical experience. She is currently integrating these practices into her own life in order to help herself and others witness these sensations from a place of equanimity so they may move through the body and be released.

While traveling Oz, Hannah also started meeting friends on the East coast who were students of a unique lineage of massage called, Zen Thai Shiatsu. Researching led her to find another impactful teacher, Gwyn Williams, who is the creator of this beautiful and hypnotic flowing combination of Osteopathy, Thai Massage and Shiatsu Massage. Receiving a few massages from friends, she was left floating and soon falling deeply in love with this artful practice of conscious touch, the knowledge of pressure points and meridian lines all over the body, and Chinese Medicine. She went on to take the Level 1 Certification, twice. This lineage of massage is only taught in Australia, through Hannah’s teachers, Gwyn Williams in the Sunshine Coast, as well as her other teacher, Shane Turner of Byron Bay. She dreams of one day returning back down under and completing the nine-month Zen Thai Massage Therapist course ❤