Hi! My name is Hannah Devries, if we have not met before, here’s a smidge of the story i like to give when someone asks me if they have a “yoga body”, or if they proclaim they “cannot do yoga because of inflexibility.”

My Yoga practice began at the age of 13, when I was diagnosed with Scoliosis. After a year or so of pushing myself to become a more active teenager, my spinal curve was too out of place to avoid Spinal Fusion surgery. After months of healing from surgery, I found that Yoga and Physiotherapy were helping me outgrow the stiffness and stress in my spine the most. It was remarkable how much strength yoga began to award me with, physically and mentally. After months of yoga, my spine was suddenly painless. I honestly thought I would never feel this way again in my body.

Yoga had turned me into a sparkly grateful ball of magic!
On the mental side of my practice, I have always been a very anxious person, and this truly spiralled out of control when I graduated from highschool. I felt lost, and unlike myself. I had no clue what I wanted to “do with my life”, I felt as though it all had to be decided now, straight out of grade school (incase you did not already know this: IT DOESN’T). I became depressed and extremely anxious non stop. Suddenly I became aware that practising mindfulness in my Yoga practice had given me strength to step out of my comfort zone. I began to believe maybe I could teach yoga, and make my favourite hobby into an every day job for myself. I realized that maybe I didn’t have to do what everyone else was doing. Ever since, I have been following my heart first, even when it scares me the most. At the age of 19 I was qualified with my 200 hour Yoga Certification with Yoga Alliance at the beginning of 2015 and I have been happily teaching and exploring 
my strengths AND weaknesses ever since.
Although anxiety is still something I carry with me every day, I am now grateful to it in some ways, maybe this hardship in my journey is to be shared with others through yoga, meditation, and the beautiful connection of breath and body. Just as well as I adore having my students, friends and colleagues share their experiences with me!

I believe we learn something from every single person we meet on our path.

I hope to help others feel happy in their own skin, and comfortable with their future, even if they don’t quite know yet where their journey is taking them. You are not alone, believe and trust in the process. 

I aspire to create self love, compassion, acceptance, and humour mixed with challenge in my classes.

As well as connection and Sangha, community.

I encourage my yoga students to smile in whichever asana posture they least want to!

The more often we smile, the happier our soul’s are going to feel!