Judgement Is Actually Your Intuition…

I watched a transmission from Matt Kahn on Youtube the other day, (“The Soul’s Journey” – I highly recommend it). He spoke of something I had never considered:
“Judgement is your Intuition speaking to you”.

Have you ever considered this?
I would always stop myself in my tracks at the gates of a judgement, my inquisitive and curious mind always looking to give someone the benefit of the doubt, an opportunity for growth in myself… “Ok, Hannah, give them a break, what are they teaching you? Patience? Love? Acceptance? They are triggering you for a reason, what is it? How can you support them the way they never have been before?”
(heavy expectations on myself aren’t they?!)
Following these thoughts, I would invite that person into my energy even if I had an uneasy feeling or gut feeling about them.

In such potent times of feeling, healing and diving into the discomfort that arises with physical isolation, I’m coming out the other side with stronger, loving, boundaries, like I’ve never quite felt before. They feel GOOD. I’m blooming into this woman soul, rather than the girl who invited everyone in and gave her energy everywhere she possibly could to feel love, loved, seen and heard, martyring herself so she could help others to feel supported, too.

Let me ask you, when someone walks into your day, or life and it feels simply uneasy for you. It could feel as though their energy does not FEED and benefit yours, there may even be a very potent feeling they have crossed a sort of boundary line physically or energetically with you. Without getting hard on yourself for making this ‘judgement’, instead let’s flip a switch and play with using this intuitive knowledge as guidance.

“Does this person (how they treat themselves, how they treat me, how they speak to me about others) align with my highest vision for myself? For my life?”
And if the answer is no… What now? What is my next move?
How can I politely create space between us and honour my boundaries and happiness.
Another quote from Matt Kahn,
“Be a soul and talk to their soul”

He goes on to say in this talk,
“Life is like a video game called, ‘How will you respond?’
When you start playing this game as an observer, you start being yourself; an individualized soul, who does not need to be influenced by the collective, but instead begins to be LIBERATED from the collective.
Then you begin to become the one who helps to SHIFT the collective. Not only are you winning and transforming yourself… but you start playing as every character TO TRANSFORM LIFE.”

So… How will you respond?
When someone does not understand why you ask for space, why you turn them down or why you take time to yourself – Or in more hostile situations, when someone reacts strongly to you standing lovingly in your own truth, we can return this energy to sender and not take it personally by remembering they are not mad at us. Rather, they are acting from an old habitual pattern of trauma or hurt.
Human Ego’s are really great at being triggered when they feel less aligned, less powerful, in comparison to what we see in someone else when that person clearly knows how they feel, what they need or what they want. It can feel threatening or can even hurt our heart because of a stored trauma from our past.

I have come to conclusion and acceptance in this last chapter of my life, that I am a soul that when feeling disconnected from myself, I fear change. I fear letting go and I cling onto control… When I am centred and well meditated, I willingly welcome change! I deeply enjoy the unknown, actually very passionately (double Scorpio, lol). I observed this and integrated it through my travels across the globe.
When the Ego is in reaction to old stale hurt triggered within me, without awareness, I would then move into feeling intimidated by someone who is following their truth and maybe even saying ‘no’ to me. I saw other people’s, even friend’s, successes as threats to me and my own dreams. ESPECIALLY, I felt like my parent’s very different belief systems and ideas about work, life, purpose, meant that mine were wrong.
Crazy right, do you ever experience this too?
All answers to a puzzle I have come to piece together now as weak boundaries.

So there is a change in perception available to us here. From this place of observation and in embracing who we are and our own way of living we can ask ourselves…
What if they are not mad at me for speaking my truth, my heart honestly…
what if they are mad at the change I represent.

In this instance we can, as Matt Kahn suggests, “Be a soul and talk to their soul”:
“I am sorry you are upset with the change I represent”
(lovingly! hehe)
Maybe we can even go as far as speaking honestly and lovingly, all the truth we see,
“I am so sorry someone hurt you in the past, I wish you well in your journey to yourself”
(as an example).

And we can say this with the uuuuutmost love and respect for their journey. As human souls, we are all on the same path, living and loving through this human body.
To quote another beautiful teacher, Ram Dass,
let’s remember,
“We are walking each other home”

May we honour and respect one another, especially in this time of stepping back into society as some quarantine restrictions become lifted… We have each been incubated in our ‘stuff’, our inner worlds, now for days, weeks, months, and are coming out (HOPEFULLY) as very different and evolved, aware soul’s to society and the world now.

Let’s breathe deeply and walk one another home to the truth of love.
Something we all feel, something we all hold, something we all are.

Loving you ❤
– hannah

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