Bracketing Conditioning for Authentic Relating

Agenda + expectation are a death sentence to presence.
With all this gifted time in my life with our Global Pause… I am observing my deeply layered patterns as they arise and where they become the ultimate killers of friendships, partnerships, relationships.
– if you’re turning away from this post already, here is the catch and the relief- we aaaalllll have our own make-up of patterns and agendas when it comes to relating or love. We are programmed with them! And it’s our choice or adventure to clear them and reset ~ to realign ~ our way 💙 –

The moment i am present with a man and have no fears – when i feel safe or have even previously stated my fears or confusion (when we do this ‘NAMING’ practice with someone we can then place all of our fear to the side, BRACKET it, give it it’s own space, and then be in presence with our friend or partner) and then feel safe to be with them – THERE, in that space, i can be completely present, transparent in our moment together.

I continue to experience that sitting together and creating Eye Connection is the biggest fucking doorway:
Eye Gazing.

I say Eye-Connection rather than eye contact, because a CONNECTION is a holding, a container, an anchor, a consciously created + held space.
A CONTACT is like a magnet hitting another magnet, are we aware of such a deep interaction available underneath our discomfort to vulnerability with another? (Therefor, our own aversion to vulnerability within ourselves)

If we can let go of our need to control, and SURRENDER out of the hiding we want to (we unconsciously, by habit pattern) fall into, suddenly there is a DROPPING IN.
In that space there is only SEEING. Only being. Openness. The mask falls away.
We are left in the space of love, whether we are eye gazing with a lover, a brother, a sister, a bestfriend.


See, your lover does not owe you anything.
Nor do you owe them anything.

Can we dance into this merging that is emotional intimacy by forgiving ourselves for having these unconscious patterns? There is so much love in the understanding, the dropping of acts, the release into SEEING and ~ohmygod~ BEING SEEN.
Isn’t that what we all want?

This is where we grow.
And today, i forgive myself
because I, too, am still learning.

2 thoughts on “Bracketing Conditioning for Authentic Relating

  1. Thank you for bringing up these thought-provoking sentences… Presence… a big one isn’t it.
    “Agenda + expectation are a death sentence to presence.” spot on, powerful one and it resonates a lot right now, especially the agenda part.

    I will eye gaze with myself soon, it’s time to tap into that part.

    Thank you my love


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