I would like to give you permission

I would like to give you permission

To drop the bottom row of your teeth from their mirrored other halves above

To close your eyes a moment

To let go of the conversation your mind is fighting itself for

To feel

Where you are

Who you are

In this very moment

Completely raw and real.

Let the moment slam you with the presence you have been avoiding.
Set your mind down beside you and let the echo of your heart travel up to the surface of your skin.
Darling, why have you been hiding away?
Your heart is always with you, you don’t have to get so lost in the limitless maze of your mind.
Your heart is here, now, and so are you.

Remove the mask that keeps you safe from your inescapable humanness.

“Your joy
Is fear,
– The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran

I am sure of this now; our fear of it all – of feeling, of loving, of being seen and loved, or of being truly seen and not being accepted, our fear of being ourselves at our greatest length – this precipice is actually the best part of the journey.
Maybe the mess, the moment before the ball drops and before the windows shatter due to great pressure…
Just maybe… this is the best part of transformation: the moments leading up to the great pleasure that comes with surrender and ends in rebirth through an emotional death.
What if we actually don’t need to worry about where we are going, as long as we can breathe into exactly where we are and feel every thunder strike and every rumble of distant thunder…
Letting it all be our blessing.

– h

One thought on “I would like to give you permission

  1. It’s always one of those ” Premonition ” moments when I see your new posts of travel , you see Hannah I long ago saw the trappings of social media and its effects on humankind . I don’t get to see Instagram or snapchat or Facebook , I just ask Lani once in awhile what your up too and get a she’s over there kinda update lol we had a girl named Chrystal paint a most amusing Mural on the wall at kismet , she worked nights over four days and each day I saw something special happening ,like a flower in bloom . After talking a few hours to the Artist she asked my opinion of the final artwork . Instantaneously a thought entered my head ,a brief smile crossed my face as I thought of you ….and I told her ” Magical ” That’s what you would say and I somehow felt you in my heart saying it . You’ve had a very positive impact on myself and many others . Enjoy the journey is the Best anybody can do . Full moon tonight so I will charge my Crystals and feel the positive loving energy . Thanks for listening , Edward

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