Living Your Moment

Something has been changing within me…
The last time I felt this way it was thanks to my surroundings, the people I was meeting and spending my time with, and the way we started living together in support of each other. It truly worked for me and for my friends, thriving in new ways and always seeing the light in every situation – this can be known as ‘The Beauty Way’, always choosing to pause and see the light shining in the darkness, what is there to be grateful for in what may feel like a moment of confusion? It is not always about the situation at hand, but rather how we react to it.

What is changing within me this time around is this small but yet blindingly bright light that I can feel in the depths of my belly, something I was not quite energetically aware of the last time I found this way of life. This time I believe it feels so intense – and uncomfortable in some ways – because I am the only one creating it. It’s all me. I’ve literally moved across the PLANET and the only people who’s advice I’ve been hearing is my own. I have pretty much cut the chord to all outer sources. I’ve even stopped reading self help/spiritual books in order to only hear what is within and where I’m truly at right now. I mean, of course I chat with my friends, but I’m physically alone right now in New Zealand. I’ve met some beautiful people already in my travels and had some beautiful intricate conversations, but truly these are short connections, connections I was very present for, but I always end up back in the van driving to the next town, just me myself and I. Channeling this Intuition has become easier, once I accepted what was happening. Realizing I wasn’t using my Power in ways that fuelled me, this I cannot shed too much light on – as it will be different for each of us. Healing will look specific to you.
For me, this looked like beginning to regularly practice Reiki and reeaallly gifting myself a lot of time for it. I met a man who I ended up spending hours with, talking about his studies in Ayurveda. Our meeting was no mistake, just days after I realized that to feel lighter, happier, I must completely flip my diet in order to rebalance my Kapha Dosha (another blog post on this to come soon!).

The reforming, rehabilitating, healing, breakthrough realization is this,
I must live every day – no, every moment as a great and grand adventure. Every moment I am the traveler. I want to live every possible breath I breathe as an adventure. Something as small as the walk down the street to the mailbox – an adventure. Making tea, showering, the commute to work or the time I spend in the grocery store. I want to SEE it all, not with the outer eyes, but the inner, I want all of it FELT, experienced.

It is all worth living for.
I feel privileged to walk, to speak, to hear and to see, to heal.
Every day I choose to WAKE UP, not just physically but mindfully, in order to honour and practice LIFE. When I do this, I have accepted the pathway to my own clarity. I see my body and my life, in all of it’s magic.
This is an opportunity, a way of living. This is not just something for the privileged, those that have enough money to actually travel – this is my mindset and my choice. I did not even need to physically travel or move across the globe to feel and see this, but this is how it came back around full circle to my heart ❤

Take a good look at the ‘little wins’ all over your day. Even set yourself up for some. Set a timer for an hour and work hard on your work or to do list, after the hour is done, reward yourself with a deep breath, a half hour of yoga, or a cup of tea! Seriously, this is a little win!
This morning the sun was out when we were expecting rain.
I had a cup of hot coffee and made myself a fresh breakfast.
I breathed fresh air, beside the ocean.
I have enough. Enough food, clothes, endless opportunities.
I am ALIVE ❤

I want to start living this life like fireworks.
Not to live it like I have forgotten I am blessed in my purpose here – we all are. Every hardship crafted exactly for us to rebuild again, stronger and stronger, more patient and more loving.
I don’t want to live this life stuck in the mindset that I am not doing enough, because although I want to be creating gigantic things from my heart, for myself and for this world around me, I am still enough. Even if all that stuff does not get done today. All comes in time. Maybe it’s truly just about trusting myself, sacrificing and working hard in my own field, and letting the Light of my Truth shine from my heart. (I picture this in these big bright rainbow beams!!)
Let’s step away from those around us that make us question our worth and purpose in this world.

I am doing enough – YOU are doing enough, by living, breathing, loving!
We are enough ❤

To wrap this up, try being TRUE to what you feel and honouring what you need. Speaking YES more often to new things. Speaking NO when you know in your heart it is best for you.

When we follow our gut, our intuition, there is so much more space for honesty, truth, magic, and the endless adventure we long for in our lives. The REAL shit, not just the photos we take for others to see or the perfection we see from others on our social media apps. What is in this life for you? And what would it look like if you chose yourself?

Become your own version of the Sacred Traveler.
Honour each step, walk quietly, and let your soul sing.

With great love,
Thank you for being here.
Don’t forget to dance!! ❤

– h

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