You Love More, The More You Give

There is three things that are very prominent for me this morning.
Circling around my mind.
So I’ll start here,

1. We cannot ask, nor expect, someone to do for us, what we will not first do for ourselves.
When there has been pain, trauma, and/or discomfort in our past – which anyone that reads this will have experienced in some way, shape or form. It’s up to us to acknowledge it and breathe into it when we are ready. That being said, we never really feel ready. But when we just cannot imagine moving forward any further, sometimes it means we need to take a step back, a look back at what is holding us captive. What limitations are we staying in that we have not yet considered or observed. We must hold ourselves in this vulnerable state, however lonely, confused or lost we may become within that. Continue to hold the space for yourself to breathe. Inhale deeply down into the depths of your lungs, and let it go with a heavy sigh. These mountains you are carrying were only meant to be climbed. Release them from your grasp. Release the story that is attached, and begin to free yourself.

We suddenly will begin to find peace within our own soul, but only if we first forgive ourselves and the wrongs that have been done to us, then life can begin again. Only then, can we begin to give to others.

2. What are you searching for?
Use this as a journal prompt, if you will. Is there anything in your life you wish to see happen? Come to you? Have you felt as though all your life you have been waiting for love? For friendship? For years, you have been wanting to leave your job and become more fulfilled? Do you feel like your friends are not driving you forward? Your parents not supporting you?
I’m going to drop a love-bomb on you here.
That which you long to see bestowed magically upon you, is not coming because YOU are in charge of creating it. Exactly what you wish to see, begins with you. You are the starting line. You want to see love come into your life? Do the work to love yourself. This isn’t easy, it’s a hell of a long journey. But every day, something as small as 3 deep breaths into your body, creates a big shift. Cooking yourself a fulfilling meal, self massaging your own feet! Getting into your garden or into nature, whatever makes you fall back in love with yourself – spend time in that space. You will begin to truly see that everything, every damn thing, within and around you, is love. Because love simply is. It’s important to say here, that this does not only mean the day’s you consider to be ‘good’, were filled with love. This means loving the heck out of yourself on the ‘bad’ days too. Acknowledging and loving exactly what that rough day taught you. Becoming thankful, grateful for all that is, because YOU are breathing. You have lungs to breathe into. We are always learning, whether it is simply observing how something makes us feel or observing our patterns when meeting with someone that frustrates us. We are in constant motion, becoming, becoming, always becoming.
If you are looking for support and feel low because no one is supporting you. YOU have to become your support system. When the mind routinely says to you “you can’t do that. You’re pathetic. You aren’t _____”. YOU need to be the one to catch those thoughts and say, “You know what? I’m going to stick up for myself today instead. Today I am going to say, I can.”
If you want to see more truthful, honest people in your life – maybe you’re supposed to be the truth-slinger.
Take a deeper look. At what you think, what you say, the thoughts you default to in the quiet moments. When you allow yourself to get quiet, what get’s loud?

3. The most important journey that is truly, ultimately, 110% worth having, is the one with yourself. This is a relationship we cannot get away from, no matter how hard we try, so we may as well start loving this relationship, holding the space for it, appreciating it/yourself.
“Wow I can’t believe I did that again … That’s ok, i made a mistake andI am choosing to look at it from every perspective, with kindness.” This sounds cheesy, but honestly, this is how we change our thoughts in order to change our lives. We learn from these mistakes.

Bravery and courage are what come from sitting in the spots that don’t feel good. We can read hundreds of self help books, listen to inspiring podcasts daily, study ourselves silly with healing and reading other people’s words, but knowledge does not become medicine until you experience it for yourself.
– – –
You are enough, and anything you want is absolutely possible. Be easy on yourself, be patient with others. We all just want to be loved, bottom line. Remember that at one point all that has now been created by scientists, artists, architects, was once considered by someone else as ridiculous, shutting down the idea, saying it could never happen. Don’t allow one person, or two or three, to tell you what you can or cannot do.
This life is happening FOR you, not to you.

Wishing you a beautiful day!
With much love + light,
– h


One thought on “You Love More, The More You Give

  1. Very insightful , there is joy and pain in my heart ,seemingly at odds with each other . It’s been tough recently ,had a flat tire just hours ago lol but it’s patched and changed and rolling right along …..just like me .
    I do try …..and reading about your journey and struggles helps me learn how to fight my own insecurities and seeing the growth in you inspires me to grow as well ,who knows maybe somebody out there can learn from me ? Thank you for putting yourself out there ,very brave . Peace be with you ,biggest smiles .
    Your humble student. Edward.


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