Looking Inward…

“Self love is a sincere acceptance of the past.
An agreement with yourself,
to make the most out of the present.
And a willingness to ALLOW the best to occur in the future”
– unknown.

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Self love is trusting yourself, and a divine authority over yourself.
MY COMPASSION FLOW EVENT IS THIS SATURDAY, March 3rd, at Haven Yoga and Wellness from 12-2pm. More info = link at the bottom.
Event is all levels!! We dive deep into intentions, meditation + a yoga asana practice. You will leave feeling very aware of your body, your needs and your soul’s readiness to participate and live for YOURSELF. We connect deeply to community as well. Please arrive with an open heart.
I recently got to this point in my jobs, my life, and my everyday, where i felt stuck, like i had somehow already learned all i could learn from what i was doing, and who i was living around. As if there were no more lessons for me within the job and with the people in my life – i felt like i couldn’t connect with anyone in a way that allowed me to be myself. I felt like i had to make a big change… a shift that changes everything… (and sometimes this IS necessary)
But what i had forgotten was Self Love…
I passed it by like a bus stop i forgot to get off at. I by-passed self exploration, my heart and reasoning like it was some long lost idea i had yet to find. The thing is, I’ve been going through waves of self love and it’s teachings for years. Bringing something fresh and different each and every time it finds me, because I am new each time it presents itself. My body, usually begging for help, and i am lucky to simply be blind, yet somehow still very guided by a greater source, which steps in when i begin to fall and lose my sight of the love and light.
(Have you noticed this in your life to? How breakdown brings breakthrough? Just when everything is falling apart in your life or within the emotions, something grand happens or appears. An opportunity, a person, a feeling. It is doing so for you to be blasted forward into greater love. Old energy is clearing out for new energy to enter.)
So with blinders on the sides of my eyes, keeping me only drawn to the physical (art of) manifestation all around me – which sometimes looks very dim or slim (for that breakthrough to take place).
All i saw was what was happening outside mySELF. Money, material things, teaching yoga for the students, work, serving, giving, doing, trying and failing to create things like workshops or events, things my soul felt called to do. Yet there was no power behind any of this, or what i wanted to create.
Truly, i discovered through a recent Intuitive Healing training, all i had to do was look and work inward. There was SO much to see and to be heard. There was so much to acknowledge, and so much work to be done. It seems there always will be, because we, personally, and our lives are always changing and evolving. Merging paths with new people and clearing old love. And suddenly as i looked inward, i saw myself with an endless amount of opportunity with the people i crossed every day, with the jobs i got to work at, with the yoga i got to teach. I had been living to serve these people and not to serve myself.
As humans we expect life to flow, to be easy. We pray to our God to feel secure, we look at this greater source as if that great source is not already present within and around us. We pray for things to get better, for him/her/them to heal us and help us, and feel that we are not supported unless something amazing happens to bring that comfort back into our lives.
In the online Instagram world, most of us don’t talk about the struggles presented to us. So here is where the wound comes from, you start believing your struggles, heartache, pain, tension, sadness, whatever it is right now – is hard, is not something you enjoy, and is somehow something you should not have, because it’s uncomfortable. It becomes uncomfortable in your emotions and your mind, as well as your body physically, say as a tightening of muscles, soreness of joints, low back pain, digestive or heart pain. So we shove it down. We say ‘oh gosh i feel this in my heart, i don’t like this, this is not ok”, and we store it down where we cant feel or see it. We throw on a mask and pretend nothing happened. And as i am reading about in “Anatomy of the Spirit” by Caroline Myss, this is how depression, illness and disease begin in the body. Our biography, what happens to us, the movie of our life and story, becomes our biology, storing our stories and their emotional hold deep inside.If you are in a similar space in your life right now where things seem stagnant or uncomfortable, i would encourage you to give yourself space each morning or evening, whichever feels most natural for you, just to be alone. If you are willing to do the work, the navigating, to experience your own acceptance, passion, trust and breakthroughs, and maybe most importantly: your health. You only need to give yourself space and time. It is so much more simple than we make it out to be. The more time we dedicate to listening to the body and our intuition, the more we can feed ourselves however is needed TODAY. Not last year or what you wish you were doing or how someone else does their healing. Sometimes i plan on going to a yoga class after work, sometimes by the end of work i feel so depleted that i need to go home and recharge with a bath or a couple very simple yin postures on my mat at home with candles lit and East Forest playing.
You do have the power to feed your own soul. We are meant to heal and we all have the power.An offering,
Close your eyes, wherever you are reading this.
And ask yourself, what do i need?
What does my body need?
Spend at least 10 breaths, JUST listening. Get out of your own way, and allow ❤
Pay honest attention to what you may first judge as an ‘interruption’. Intuitive thoughts are what we are looking to listen to. And our intuition is simply a muscle that must be worked and flexed just like our legs or our arms. Start small. Pause the outer chatter thats saying “you should be working on your to-do list”. Breathe.
Listen to the body… and Trust.If you’re looking to make a greater shift in Self Compassion….
Change your life with Self Love + TrustLove + Light ❤
– Hannah

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