Compassion Flow is Back!!


Compassion Flow is coming to Haven Yoga & Wellness next month and i could not be more excited to share this love + space with our community here!
When: Saturday, March 3rd 12-2pm
WhereHaven Yoga & Wellness
Price: $25
What: This practice is accessible for all yoga levels. We will begin with a meditation and intention setting, moving into a flow style physical yoga practice, moving and stretching, followed by a deep loving Savasana and meditation.
Come one, come all!
There is only space for 15 yogi’s for this event, and we have a 48 hour cancellation policy in effect for you! So reserve your spot at

A little more about Compassion Flow:
This is the second time we are running Compassion Flow, and our first time taking it to Haven Yoga and Wellness. When i first began my yoga journey i was extremely nervous to even be on my yoga mat around other people. To let my breath or voice be heard. I was afraid to show anyone that the postures i was partaking in made me sweat, made me feel, and even made me upset some days! I was afraid to be myself, not only on my yoga mat, but in every corner and crevice of my life. After some time of practice i began to observe my routine thoughts; I had been blind to the fact that i actually could live in the energy of self love every single moment of every single day, even and especially within the harder days. It wasn’t some gigantic revelation i had to experience. It was always available.

This experience was birthed to hold a truly fun and loving space as we dive into our practice and any limitations we may be holding onto that do not serve our most honest and happiest selves. We examine any negative voices that take constant space in our mind, the thoughts that hold us back from being truly ourselves (and in love with who we are!), and we pull them out. We pull a switch on these thoughts and turn them into high vibrational thoughts that WILL change your life within and around you. It is my hopes with this event to tattoo at the back of your mind that you ARE enough, you have always been enough.
In this practice we move through asana (physical yoga postures) in a truthful loving way that will help change and shape your practice. It will show you the steps available to become more mindful about the thoughts you use towards yourself and your body on the yoga mat – which is truly just our starting point before we move into the rest of our daily life.

If you have any inquiries about this experience, please send your questions my way! 
Endless Love + Light
– Hannah

From the studio, Haven Yoga & Wellness:
Join Hannah for a full body Flow yoga class centred around self love and self acceptance of your body, your mind and your life. In these two hours we will begin with a meditation, then move into a Flow styled yoga practice. Each centred around loving the body you are in and the life you are creating! This asana practice is perfect for beginners, advanced yogi’s and everywehre in between. We will then move into slow loving stretches, sealing our practice with a long Savasana (resting on our backs).
Journaling, discussion and questions are welcome after within the group. Hannah shares her tools, used on and of the mat, for conquering her fears of self love and acceptance. She hopes that with these tools ( for healing and loving both the energetic and the physical body), you will be able to apply them into your everday life. We cannot fully give love or be in love with our lives until we accept ourselves first.
You will leave feeling as if you have just pressed a mental reset button. This practice will be empowering for your heart, mind, body and soul. This class will be an experience, giving you even more depth than you may find in a drop-in class. Please come with an open mind and an open heart, ready to listen in on what your body is speaking to you!

Please bring paper, pen (preferably a journal of your choosing) and yoga mat

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