the war you continue to win

you have fought these wolves before

What can we gift ourselves, in the moments our heart’s try to give up? when we find ourselves swimming and drowning in our thoughts and emotions. swimming out so far we cant see the shore. swimming out so deep we cant see or feel the ground beneath. what can be gifted in the moments of pain. can we arrive at this opportunity, and choose to tune in, like fine tuning an old radio to our own individual station.
comb through your wounds with full, sweet breaths.
you have fought these wolves before. you have won before.
you will howl again, through this war.

when this tornado swims and swirls inside your heart, when the fire behind your eyes burns low, and you have to wrap your arms around yourself to feel something, will you remember, even still, you are still here. it’s not over until there is no experience left to be had. you have so many more memories and smiles to feel and share.
what if all this cost you this sliver of current sanity but allowed you to win the war. know that nothing comes from bliss without the knowledge of pain, and that which you long to create is on the other side of perfection. let yourself be free from other’s versions of perfection. watch as magic arrives at every dark crevice you forgot to love.

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