It’s Time to Evolve The Way You Love Yourself

“You cannot love another until you love yourself”. This is a known fact. But I cannot say i have ever tried hard enough, until now. See, we say we will do things we know will serve our higher good, but then other priorities get in the way – we put our wellbeing on the backburner because we feel something else may be more important. We put our goals and dreams on the backburner when our dreams start to become the dream of a person. They form into the need to have this or that, rather than the openness that comes with simply following our heart’s desires.
I have never seen this shift happen so suddenly in my soul and my actual being and in my way of living until i had time to myself, for myself. Not until i forced myself into an uncomfortable shape i had never taken. Being in a new place, taking time alone and time somewhere i could truly feel and hear my soul speak up.

As i started to find myself spending time with new souls, after much time with only my own, i then had the realization of, you know: “this is it”. This is actually ME, everyone else has cleared out (both inside my head and heart, and outside, i had hacked the weeds and tendrils that gripped me from moving forward), This is me, loving myself, my life, and these relationships. Without any need to over-complicate, any need to control, no need to be something i am not or please or satisfy anyone, not even myself – Because i was already acting on what fed my soul, my intuition had taken a big step infront of my other senses. And maybe this takes meeting the right people at the right time too. But my soul is free and my soul is singing.

Anxiety disapears when we follow what we love and do not stand for anything else. When we can accept the love we deserve – which is all of it, endless amounts – and lose ourselves not only in our own love, but eventually in anothers. I am not talking about going out of our way to find love as in “falling in love”, actually the opposite; i am talking about stumbling upon a form of passion; after you have first planted a foundation of love and passion within your bones and your breath. Passion for the parts of your mind, body and soul that you have struggled with in the past, these beautiful spots that you try to change to stripes, you try to get rid of or fight. When there is first a foundation of passion for this light that you are; a new form, or i should say level of passion is created.

So passion: (the shit we tend to hide and not talk about – this is because it is SO REAL, by the way. Within our society such vulnerability and raw emotion is somehow frowned upon); laughter, sex, excitement, adventure, fun, a soul connection of any kind. Maybe its not even a person, but a place, an activity that feeds your soul and you feed it.

So here is what matters for this love to manifest:

You begin again.

And you begin again with yourself.

Every single fucking day.

When we put all of our energy into a search for a soulmate, we cannot possibly find one. We cannot possibly fathom the unknown unless we have begun again inside first. Wake up and move from within. Wake up and learn about yourself. This is one of our issues, i dont doubt, if you are looking for love from an outer source: our society frowns upon us being single. Our society has grown to judge whether you are single or in a relationship or how many you have had. “You’re single, oh goodness why?” – but what i have learned about myself is i was absolutely clinging to a relationship that no longer gave me the space to grow and move forward. Luckily not because specificly i did not want to be single – but similarly because i was afraid to be. I was afraid to let go of what i knew, the comfort of staying small and passing up change and opportunity. So if you no longer feel love in your life or you’re feeling confused or a lack of intuition and self love. Take a giant step back. Is the love coming from within? What are you battling daily that the universe is fighting to gift you, to show you.

– and if this is hard for you to understand or comprehend, i WANT to talk about this. Message me. If you feel like you cannot move from intuition or do not know how to access it, how to hear it. Lets talk about it. Intuition has a LARGE impact on our personal happiness.

Further, when you feel deeply that you are incomplete and yet choose to turn inward and love this sensation of gaping, unidentified discomfort- of something ‘missing’ within. The discomfort or even self hatred you battle against yourself, against your daily routines, your life; when you accept that you feel these ‘negative’ sensations, you will begin to feel everything much more deeply, not just the pain but the bliss and breakthrough that WILL come afterwords. When you have done this hard work, of finally loving yourself, with these ‘negatives’, these insecurities, this is when the sun rises again. When you have accepted your past, you awake with a clean heart, you evolve, you shift. Love within matters the fucking most. Not the love or appreciation you are searching for from an outer source – but what you are creating and manifesting daily within. This makes the impact. This births your potency, your awareness to what your soul is crying out for. Love FROM within FOR within. You have the ability to drip your very own unique power and beauty, to dust it across your life like glitter, to paint the colours across each day and each page of your life the way you want it to look, to feel, to taste. You are fucking more than capable enough to mold your life from inner love and strength.

Evolve your way of loving yourself,

And do it now.

Deeply loving and appreciating you. Thank you for being here, i hope this finds you with light, love and grace. You are magic in a living light body.

Let’s talk about this, shoot me a message. How did this affect you today? What is going on in your life you need aid with, aid in seeing, aid in understanding. I am that outer source you can speak openly to. This space is for opening up. You are here for a reason 💜

– Hannah

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