Blessings in Disguise

Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 9.30.19 PM.pngThe most ridiculous thing i could have heard while going through a tough time was said to me a couple months ago. Whether it came to me in an inspirational video or movie or from one of my teachers, I’m not sure, maybe the thought formed on it’s own after much research in how to heal.

The idea is that Everything is a Blessing.

This can stir anger, frustration, despair, uncertainty, you name it. At first I felt a form of anxiety coming on at the thought. What do you mean? All this pain is a blessing? This constant battle every day with my thoughts and my heart, my past? It’s here for a reason?

Oddly enough, this is something i truly believe in now. There are times in our lives that we cannot fathom the thought, when we are lost in a despair, kicked down to our knees, begging for help to find a way back up – a way back home to ourselves, to a sliver of happiness we need to grasp from our past. After time, i don’t doubt that this pain can help us.

See, nothing brings us into the present moment like pain does – in this case emotional pain. You are feeling it in that moment, yes? It’s all you can probably think about, focus on. So what I have found when we are distraught or in the mend of healing, we then have two choices: to block it out; the emotions, feelings, situation, thoughts. Think about it like numbing physical pain with drugs like morphine, but rather in an emotional case, usually we make sure to keep ourselves busy. We always have things to do so as not to address the discomfort head on – but facing them head on is truly the only way… We can not half ass our healing. We also cannot rush our healing ❤️

Our second choice, we can choose to feel that moment without a human attachment to it. Without a need to belittle ourselves or put ourselves down for whatever happened. To somewhat dettach from the situation going on in the MIND and to instead watch over the body sensations that arise. Thats all that’s happening. Pain comes up to be felt, acknowledged and then released. Now would be the time to surround yourself with loved ones; friends, family, animals, books, things that you dont have to fake around. Things or places that give you space to BE. People that support you as you are in this time of pain and release. If we hold pain in, not allowing it to surface, this will create much more discomfort in the body, dis-ease, potentially depression, more stress and worry, anxiety. Eventually, actual disease. Cancer, heart problems.

So release your problems, let them be there. If you are not already surrounded by positive and supportive people who accept you as you are in this time of need, be with yourself ❤️ wholeheartedly; and know that you ARE supported, divinely supported in this life. If you emotionally can support yourself, and i mean just sitttiiiinnggg with yourself as you organically are in what we consider positive or negative emotions… you won’t have many problems with the ups and downs life throws at you. Because you have a foundation of support within. Which, by the way, has always been there. You just had to acknowledge and feel it for it to grow. How cool is that? ❤

The thing is, when we have done the initial healing we then open up this new space within us for much more; for clarity. At the end of “The Fifth Mountain,” by Paulo Coelho, they are rebuilding their city in Israel after an attack – literally building it from the ashes up. From great terror they arose back up ever stronger, (although this book is fiction, i don’t doubt this happens in real life). When they have finished the initial cleaning and rebuilding, the main character, Elijah, becomes a sort of leader for the city and what is left of the inhabitants. He decides everyone should rename themselves according to how they feel, and what they want to be in this lifetime forward. To start anew. It’s more so of an intention, but to truly set and manifest this intention they each began calling each other by this name they had chosen. Elijah, after just losing the love of his life to this war, losing his city, his home to flames, he renames himself Liberation. 

This touched my soul in a very profound way. I think this part of the book is what brought me to creating this post. When i was coming out of this ongoing confusion about myself, depression, loss of personal power, a time of self destruction and of constantly making myself small – a teacher of mine had me set the intention of “I Am Fucking Powerful” – that is how this new intention made me feel, Liberated.

It took months for me to heal after losing my best friend as a partner, and it will still take more, but when that slice of Clarity came my way: total Liberation. I felt and now feel liberated, alive, whole in choosing me. I have time to care for myself because i could not seem to balance giving love and receiving. I could make decisions that benefited me without feeling held back. So when our plate has been cleared – when we have been knocked off our feet – somehow i believe this is a blessing. We are being forced back into our bodies. Into the world around us. Sometimes a beautiful sight makes me cry, the feeling of swimming in fresh water makes me melt, watching the sunset or the moon rise gives me goosebumps. It’s all here to be felt, to be acknowledged and to be taken IN.

Without our pain, we would not be half the person we are today. Think about something hard you have gone through, years ago, something that has came and passed. You would not be as strong without that chapter in your journey. I would not be nearly as liberated in my heart and soul. I would not feel this gravitational pull to post something like this. This longing to create community around speaking out and being present with our hardships. I would not feel liberated in this search in aiding everyone to OPEN up and to express their pain or longing. Oriah said, “It does not interest me in what you do for a living. I want to know what you ache for”. Our pain is our blessing, our Gift.

Breathe in, breathe out.

Allow everything to come in, to be felt, and to be let go of again.

This pain is not only yours. It’s mine, it’s hers, it’s his, it’s the person you dislike’s pain, the person sitting at the other side of the coffee shop. Someone else is walking a completely different, yet parallel path. You are not alone.

What is amazing about discomfort is it can become art. Our pain can be tranfered out or our body by creating. We can pick up tools that help us acknowledge where it is in our hearts, our bodies. Yoga, writing, doodling, drawing, painting, biking, longboarding, swimming, music! Pick up an instrument and do not even think about what you’re going to play or do with it, do not hesitate to let your soul come through into what you are doing. Be there so completely that everything else fades away, leaving you soaking in the moment you are in.

This art will bring you back to your organic soul. Before anyone told you anything about yourself, before anyone judged you, picked you up or dropped you. You had a purpose before anyone had an opinion.

From a book I am reading, ‘Women Who Run With the Wolves’,

“The ‘craft of making’ is an important part of the work [bringing women back into their powerful selves; finding the Wild Women within each of the women she works with] Art is important for it commemorates the seasons of the soul, or a special or tragic event in the soul’s journey. Art is not just for oneself, not just a marker of ones understanding, it is also a map for those who follow after us.

Loving you ❤️
– Hannah

***This is simply what has helped for me; in times of stress and emotional pain, ie: breakups, depression, anxiety. I hope this reaches you with love, know that i support you here and welcome messages to speak and create community through each of our unique path’s of ups and downs. Also please know that this may not sit with you. I cannot speak for everyone in their healing. Unfortunately there are people out there who need much more than words and support to heal wounds. So reaching out to victims of depression and PTSD especially, i honour you and i wish you deep peace ❤️

One thought on “Blessings in Disguise

  1. Who knows what it means ?
    There’s a very important lesson in this little story , I may not be telling it 100 percent but the lesson still shines through .

    A Farmer and his family struggled to keep their small farm going , scratching out a living and barely making it , but they had each other . The farmer had just one plow horse and one day a terrible storm came knocking down the fence and his one horse ran off leaving him no way to plow his field . His neighbour wandered over and commented that this surely was a disaster and ruin would soon befall them . The farmer replied ” Who knows what it really means ” the next day the farmers Horse returned bringing back with it a wild horse , now the farmer had a new wild horse . The farmers horse needed to be broken in so his young son mounted the horse and was promptly thrown off breaking his leg . The neighbour once again returned commenting this is terrible and will be hard for you without your son to help in the fields !
    The farmer replied ” who knows what it means ? A couple days later the neighbour came running to the farmer The Army has come and drafted my boy into the Army for a large battle about to take place he will be killed ! The farmer replied the Army came for my Boy too but left him behind becuase of his broken leg ” so who knows what it Really Means ?
    This story is very true about life and it’s twists and turns so when things seem out of sort of life seems crazy remember to ask yourself ” Do you really know what it means ? Edward

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