Starting Again

I think what scares us the most about change isn’t the fact that it is inevitable. We all know this already. I think sometimes we skim over thoughts or words without diving deeper because “we know” – we already know. We’ve heard that before. But within all of the fear that can come hand in hand with change and shift; It’s not the factor of ‘new’ that scares us. It is both what is ahead as well as the release of the past that combine into this little hell for us. 

As i start to feed this hunger in my heart that thirsts for SEEING and DOING.. it also means releasing my need for certain archetypes, certain parts of me that fear this big life i dream of. These lies that the second voice in my head feeds me (I’m not crazy, we all have two voices in our heads!), lies like, I can’t do this or I can’t have that. You can if you try. YOU CAN. 

The most horrifying part (looking into your future) may even just be the fact that you know deep in your heart, after this adventure, everything will have changed. Everything you once knew and once believed. Everything you had had before; Priorities shift. What you had once wanted and longed for. Old dreams from old relationships that without anyone knowing had held you back from expanding your own life. 

Everything will change. You have no control over this, unless you choose to stay small. But please do not choose the smaller life. Choose the one that makes you sigh in beauty, that makes your heart race in nerves of your unknown, of your discovery. Choose the life that allows you to grow, that’s what you’re here for isn’t it? To follow your heart.

So were some people born ready to travel and to leave? Do they find it easier that others? To pick up and move again and again, seeing the world. Never holding onto attachment in places or people. How? Why wasn’t I born as one of them? I keep returning to this quote: “You will be happy. But first the universe will make you strong”. This is my challenge if there ever was one. I believe there is something within my heart that is ready to learn about my lifes’ desires. I just have to follow the longing and the fear of the openness that must come with this lifestyle. The judgement that will come from others. The loneliness that may take my heart every night. And the distance from everything i currently know and love where I was once so comfortable.

Choose you. Choose exploration. It is no mistake that you are here. You are here for a reason. 

Love + Light 💜

– Hannah

One thought on “Starting Again

  1. When I was a child , Grade 3 I believe , I had a shoebox with branches and leaves from a tree . The leaves were food for the silkworm . I watched over weeks the transformation take place … Did this beautiful creature know it was going through this metamorphosis ? Doubtful . Was there fear ? Or did it just feel natural and inevitable ? The process wll take place and uncertainty is part of that growing , it makes you stronger and more resilient . Keep growing , yes it’s about growing 🙂


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