Morning Gratitude

(Balfour, outside of Nelson B.C.)
In the silence that makes your ears ring
In the darkness that makes you feel so lost you spin in search of your direction
In the moments we are so unsure of what is to come next,
Deep love can also be found.
In the silence, there can be clarity
In the darkness, your heart speaks to you, it beats louder, closing off our other senses
In these moments we find our deepest truths.
If we can remember we are not alone, and we never have been.
Being ‘together’ is an illusion, being ‘alone’ is also an illusion.
We have always been supported directly by the Earth. We are never ‘alone’.
And because we come from the Earth, we are built in and with love.
To experience this love fully we look for it in others, in things, so that we can be sure we are feeling it. So that we can show to others, we are feeling it. Other people tell us what their love is like, tell us what love is, what love should be, and sometimes we believe it. Sometimes we allow it to change our own soul’s beliefs and paths, because we don’t know anything else.
To experience this love fully in our own bodies, our own souls, our deepest hearts, we must come home to ourselves and take time to love ourselves in these dark, quiet places.
Because these dark places do not bring darkness unless we want them to. If we can be in them and allow them to show us the way, only light will ever emerge.
The Earth has kept supporting us, this huge, beautiful lush green and blue lava filled rock floating through what we know as the stars and sky, and i believe she will keep supporting us until we have destroyed ourselves from lack of love for where we came from, what we are made out of. For lack of gratitude to our Mother. Until the last few trees stand and we realize we cannot sell oxygen, we cannot support ourselves without what Earth has provided naturally.
This world may keep living whether we are here or not. She may decide to bring all of her beauty back, in animals, moss, trees, reefs, islands, rain, dirt, but she does not have to bring us back.
If we are kind, if we are not kind, Gaia still supports. She does not throw us from her ground, she accepts your struggles and pain and she sees you. She gives space for you to see her wonders, space for you to see you within her sunsets, ocean waves, her lush growth all around this world. As she supports you and gives her life force energy for your every breath; be kind. Every breath is thanks to this planet, every breath is prana, life force energy that we are receiving.
You are here for a reason.
This world that is literally carrying you through space and time, believes in you, wants you to be here. You are here now. There is no questioning that.
Go love yourself so fully that the world shines back.
And for the first time, when you have started to believe it, then you will see it.
– Hannah

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