HELLO, it’s been awhile!!

IMG_2257.JPGHello and happy Sunday beautiful souls ❤
As always, thank you SO dang much for being here… I miss blogging! I’ve been so captivated with teaching, sequencing classes, talking to people about my Retreat, and now I have created a meditation you can actually download!

So a couple things i wanted to send out into the universe to you all first!

1) My Costa Rica Yoga Retreat dates have changed! (Hallelujah!)
I have had so much more interest now that we have more time to save up for this trip! Instead of November 2017, the dates we are Yoga-ing in the jungles of Tierra De Sueños will be May 13-20th 2018.
Early Bird for this trip will end September 2017.
As you may already know, Early bird prices are $1,797
Regular Price is $2,197
This price INCLUDES accommodation and meals (3 a day, snacks will also be available!)
The only additional prices are your flight, sitting around $500 roundtrip at the moment, and a $30 Shuttle Bus to and from the airport to our resort.
To save your spot, email me, comment here, find me on Facebook at Yoga with Hannah Devries. Whatever works! We take a $500 deposit to save your spot! (which is not additional, this will come out of your full price of the retreat)
Would SO love to have you on this beautiful healing adventure with me ❤

678d386a-dfbf-4f90-a072-ea7490dd016b.jpgThis retreat is centred around coming home to yourself. Your body, your happiness and your dreams. This retreat will be powerful, and not just while we are there, you will be changed as you return home. We will create space to make the changes in your life you may be dreaming of but afraid to chase. We will release anything built up in our bodies that is not ours to keep. Or maybe things that you have been holding on to that your body is trying to show you is no longer serving you. We will return home feeling more like ourselves ❤

2) Etsy Meditation with Hannah

Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 2.52.05 PM
This new Meditation i have released is welcome to all levels, whether you have meditated before or never before! It is perfect for a morning practice, to empower and wake you up. As well as it will be a great way to settle after a long day, bringing you into your body, and back home to yourself. Meditating has done wonders for me. I have a very busy mind and tend to disconnect from myself and the people and things i love when i become busy. My mind has trouble slowing down. Although some days meditation does not stop my brain at all, as my Monkey Mind keeps buzzing, but the difference is that it creates a space FOR my mind to wander. Leaving the meditation feeling like I have pressed a reset button ❤
Even just checking out and reading about this meditation on the link above, is supporting me and my local business of being a yoga instructor… and making my dreams come true; beginning to create and send things out to you guys! I am hoping that yoga and Pranayama videos and tutorials are to come, as well as more Meditations! We will see what this year brings! 🙂

Have a lovely week. Hope to see you soon!
Much love, Namaste
– Hannah 🙂

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