Workshop Announcement!

Sunday, March 19th at the Oxygen Yoga Killarney studio.
2-3:30 pm, bring your yoga mat, water, a journal,
and an open mind.
Class will be warm but not infrared heated.

In this hour and a half we will meditate, flow, move, laugh, and search ourselves for what is ready to release from your mind and body in order for you to start accepting yourself. Self love is a daily practice, so we will be exploring the tools to help you do this for yourself at home!

I felt drawn and inspired to create this workshop as the last six months of my personal practice, and every day life has been focused on two things:
Self Love
Self Trust.
After years of comparing myself to others, pushing myself to be like other people, asking my body why it was this way
and why it wasn’t another way.
I believe that our happiest life, and outlook begins with us. We attract the energy we put out into this universe. One of my largest lessons has been realizing that we cannot give love wholeheartedly unless we give it to ourselves first. It all starts with us.
We cannot pour from an empty glass.
Psychologists tell us that we think an average of sixty thousand to eighty thousand thoughts a day, and that about 90 percent of them are repetitive and negative. A society living in fear, very often produces in form that which it fears the most.
If you find your thoughts are focused negatively towards your body and yourself daily, this practice is for you.
If you notice your body fighting back at you, whether it’s in illness, insomnia, constant stress, anxiety or fear. This may be your body telling you it’s time to slow down and listen to it.
This practice is for you.
If you are looking to make your first step in a Self Compassion practice and don’t know where to start, this practice is for you.
If you feel called to be here, listen to your intuition and consider showing up for your own wellbeing.
This practice is for everyone ❤
If you have any questions, comment here, direct message me on Facebook, Instagram, anywhere! YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE AN OXYGEN MEMBER TO SIGN UP.
Pay me in person or pay at Oxygen Killarney – CASH ONLY.
Early bird price (Before March 1st) = $25
After March 1st = $30

Much love!
– Hannah 🙂

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