Big Things…

Oh goodness, you guys! There are some big things in the works over here… Including me, yoga, and some sunshine.. hehe. Stay tuned! If you have not yet subscribed to my emails, doooo iiittt! You will be the first to hear this announcement! More to come soon. I am sending out love beams to you all ❤

An important reminder:
There is NO good without the bad… no bad without the good. Yin needs its Yang. Yang needs it’s Yin. We cannot have light without the dark. Breathe into wherever you are right now. Do not let the darkness encase you. When an emotional distortion in your vibration arises, notice it, acknowledge how it feels in your body, but do not hold onto it. Let it flow through you, let it be there. Whatever you are feeling does not belong to you. You are not your thoughts, you are not even your emotions. Let them be there. Move forward.

Happiest of weeks to each of you ❤

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