Hey good morning! I hope your day has been lovely so far, this is just a small thank you to each of you who have subscribed to these emails!

Just a little reminder that this day is all yours, remember to take time for yourself, breathe, slow down, and then ground into YOUR power. It’s there, waiting for you to harness and express and live it. Be it. Like these cute little strong cups of coffee!
IMG_2931.JPGPlease know that where ever you are and however you are feeling when this message reaches you, you and everrryyything you are feeling and going through is so very valid. Give yourself time to feel the good, the bad, the lack of energy or the additional energy you have today. Sit with it, allow yourself to feel it, and know that every breath we take is another moment for a new opportunity. The opportunity to either cry, let it all out, let someone know you love them, to STOP taking someones shit and to walk away, to pick yourself up, listen to your body, and above all to start again. Damn, i know it’s hard. But you have the power.
You can be whoever you want and that does not have to be the same person you always were.

I love you, have a beautiful day! Those of you around the Fraser Valley and the lower mainland, drive safe! Mission yogi’s, hope to see you tonight. If you’re coming to Restorative this evening, I’ve got a lil extra something coming for your shoulders and upper body that has been taking on all this shovelling of snow 😉
Come relax with me!

– Hannah ❤


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