Open Mind / Open Heart

This may be a little bit rant-y? My thoughts are everywhere today! Give me some feedback/personal experiences and thoughts if you’re reading! I’ve had such a rad day so far, took two morning yoga classes, a Power, and a Restorative. They were both exactly what i needed! Heading to Haven Yoga and Wellness soon for my 6-7pm Hatha yoga class if you would like to come join! 🙂

So it has come to my attention that sometimes, really all we want is support, guided with enlightenment. We search for someone or something to give us the answers, maybe even to give us purpose. I have fallen into this pattern too, i still do all the time! The beauty of this is that people may enlighten us, but really you have so much beautiful purpose within you and your life already, whether you know it or not.tumblr_mt8g44aqft1qhqt7co1_1280
I also believe it is important to check in with ourselves and remember that our “title” is just a “title”.
How do you introduce yourself to someone? “I am a yoga instructor”, maybe you also label yourself as a daughter, brother, mother, aunt, uncle, lawyer, or even a real estate agent?
These are all labels we put upon ourselves. Of course we DO these things, but do they make or break us? If you could no longer teach yoga or sell real estate, what do you have, who are you?
In a world that is, as a whole, so VERY distant from connecting to each other and respecting each other as one, I think it is important to remind ourselves we are all human. OR even that we are all breathing. We are alive. WHY do we need to seperate ourselves from one another?
I have really been mulling around the thought that these things we do, teach, or preach, they do not define us. They show our talent or love for what we do, they of course directly give light to what we believe in… But really, bottom line, i believe it is our ENERGY that we bring into a room, that shows who WE ARE. Our energy stretches 6 feet or more around us. It directly affects those we share our time with.
So on the days you feel you need to speak, to yell, to let your anger or frustrations be known, if you feel you need to take your anger out on someone.. Can we sit back for a moment and open our ears before we open our mouth?
Maybe it will be the hardest thing you do today.
Maybe it will make the greatest difference.
Maybe instead of walking into the room saying a negative thought, the person you are greeting will instead say something wonderful that you would not have heard if you had blurted out your triggers (what angers you).

Try setting yourself a positive intention when going into a place where you have the opportunity to receive from another. Your yoga teacher’s class, a friend’s home, hearing a colleague’s ideas, even a place you don’t want to be today; fed up with traffic on your way to work? See if you can fully be there to live in the space that is your life. You are here, aren’t you? Why not just fully be here? Take it as an opportunity to connect to a positive thought, or a deeper breath. Set the intention of going into this situation with an open mind, or an open heart. Whichever you connect deeper too.

It is such a huge thought:
We can only teach those ready to truly listen,
We can only help those ready to receive our help.

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