Tonight’s after yoga thoughts…

YO I LEARNED THIS FULL FORCE TONIGHT. A friggin wonderful spirit of a human yogi, one of my students, (I like to reffer to the people i teach yoga to as students? I hope that doesnt sound like im putting them down. I AM JUST AS MUCH A STUDENT AS THEY ARE!) 💫

One of my beautiful students helped reinforce this thought to me tonight when speaking to me after class. Reminding me to never change the way i teach just because someone gets frustrated in my class.

I came to the deep realization that it will ALWAYS be hard to teach very advanced students and beginner yogis the same class i have prepared. There are tons of modifactions to everything of course! But seriously you can only teach those ready to listen.

I have really been loving twists and heart openers in my practice recently. So i sequenced my class around these, to take us into the final posture of Birds of Paradise before our cool down and Savasana. Now, it was very obvious that i even have trouble with this posture, and i really hope that seeing me, their instructor, unable to reach the final outcome of the posture on one side, maybe they wont feel the pressure to force it either.

I used to get so angry when i couldnt do a ‘dorothy kick’ in one of my first ever ‘yoga’ classes i took. (If you dont know what this is: good 😂 – ask me in person later) I mainly got so frustrated because my teacher did not state that we did not have to, she did not tell us it was ok if our body didnt work to do this crazy maneuver. She did not say anything about focusing on the beauty of your body, even when it is being challenged. So i make damn sure i tell my students that as we go into advanced postures: YO GUYS GUESS WHAT, we are PLAYING. We arent forcing! We are not pushing!

What would yoga even be if we were all perfect at every pose?

I am sure if you have done a class with me before you have heard me say,

“Take a moment. Focus on the amazing things the body can do, rather than focusing on what it cannot.”

I love you! Happy Tuesday! Thank you for being here 😊



One thought on “Tonight’s after yoga thoughts…

  1. Hannah I have never read a blog before in my life and I am so pleased yours was my first !
    I have learned so much from you in yoga and life , your wise beyond your years , As for Birds of Paridise should I or shouldn’t I paradox well I would never be growing so fast without trying new things , pushing boundaries , overcoming obstacles physical and mental without your spirit to guide me ! Always remember , regardless of skill level , Fortune favours the Bold ! Go girl , I believe in you and now in Myself . Thank you so much . Edward.


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