Please, DO NOT Force Yourself to Make a NY Resolution

December 29, 2016

Yup. I said it. Just don’t ❤️

The percentage of people who actually keep their New Years resolution is about 2%.

 I mean, give yourself a moment,

Think of something you would like to change about yourself/your life/your career path etc

ask yourself why?
…… do it. Even get out a pen and notebook 🙂

 Now try really hard to keep your answers in a positive mindset.
We may need to become more mindful in what we say, and more mindful in the way we speak to ourselves.
Have you ever answered someone after they asked how you were doing, with something along the lines of “Meh, really tired today. I’m exhausted.”
When you say these words, how do they make you feel? More tired? More exhausted?Maybe one day you answer a similar question with, “My day has been great, flying by! Thanks!”
I know these are a little cheesy.

MY POINT is that even if we’re having a good day/bad day the answer still makes a difference. Your OUTLOOK makes a huge difference. Where we place our energy, that energy goes. When you are locked in the energy of fear or negativity, that is exactly what you will attract to you.
It’s not easy but it is a practice, that’s for sure. I’m definitely not saying I’m perfect. But this is something that has interested me for awhile now! Simply the energy we put into things. How much energy do you spend a day complaining? Gossiping?

“How you do anything, is how you do everything”

 SO if you are still set on creating an intention or a New Years resolution for 2017, i encourage you to change your perspective from,

 “I need to work on my fitness/health because I look like a fat pig”
“I WILL work on my health because i love my body and want to feel better and better each day.”

 I mean, if you want.

 This is something i have struggled with a looot in my life, switching negative comments or thoughts around into positive ones.

I would listen to compliments from loved ones and turn them down right away in my head, or even angrily out loud! I would then get frustrated trying to change my thoughts to positive ones. But honestly, if you feel stuck like me, maybe we should be starting with the fact that our thoughts may not change until our actions and intentions have.
Our thoughts come without us asking anything of them, they are just there. They are not us. They do not define us.
Recently i have realized that if we change our words, our mind will follow? Ya crazy weird, i know..

 Say someone compliments your butt in your new yoga pants.
Your mind goes, “they’re lying, they are probably just saying that”
Take a moment, collect your positive energy and see if you can approach the thought of just answering with “thank you” or even better, “thank you, i love the pants too!” OR EVEN BETTER, “thank you! i love my big booty in these yoga pants!” ??? See how eavh answer again, makes you feel.

 Eventually the mind starts to follow this process.

When making an intention or resolution, i don’t think it should ever be because we feel we “should” make one… this may be our problem with the whole New Years tradition..

Ask yourself how you want to feel. How can you change yourself/your life to help this? Honestly think in the smallest way and it may help guide you to greater things.

 My intention for 2017 is simply the thought,

“I AM capable of change”

It’s a little long but it makes me feel empowered when reminding myself. I have trouble with change. It scares me, it usually freaks me out to try something new permanently. That being said, change also excites me, invigorates me, inspires me, and in the end has proven to usually make me happier in the long run…

I also enjoy the simplicity in the beginning of the mantra, “I AM CAPABLE” because i SO am. I am powerful, and i have only recently began to encourage that power (that was really already here).
Make your intention strong, just like you want your new year to be.

 Much love,

know that you are here for a reason 💚

– Hannah

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