So for anyone visiting this site who does not know me,

Name: Hannah
Occupancy: Yoga lover, Instructor of yoga, pilates, fitness. Also a server, kind of.

Hug and love embracer. Silly to no end. Often wants to move in strange ways or jump, dance, skip or flow to music.

Loves: Challenging my body. MUSIC. Creating playlists and finding siiiiiick ass new songs to flow to. I luurrv kind people, beings that smile for no reason (or every reason, however you want to look at that), DOGS, all animals… although I’m working on bugs… i love people that embrace themselves. I love opportunity. I love feeling nervous, because i know something beautiful will blossom from it sooner or later. I love the sun, the way it beams on us. I love this planet in it’s raw form. Moss, grass, trees, mud, sand, water, creation, connection to every living thing, every one. I love the ocean, MMMMM. Ok getting majorly side tracked. (i may be using this site often to embrace ‘side tracked’ moments. I love writing and spilling my mind to paper, so I’m hoping since I am more commonly on my laptop, this will be a place for this to happen more sufficiently, regularly).

Dreams: To improve myself through inner work, therefor improving the world around me just a teeny bit more. A “Sacred Activist”, as Reanna Costa calls this. I love this thought so much. To change ourselves in order to change something within the universe as a whole. We wish better for this planet, we change ourselves. Where we shine our awareness, this energy goes.

Maybe i want to DJ yoga festivals.
I want to one day have my own yoga dojo/studio complete with Pilates, Yin, Restorative, Flow, Vinyasa, Hatha, Kundalini yoga, and even a lil cafe of sorts :3
Maybe i want to create body conscious, eco-conscious yoga/workout wear.
Maybe i want to teach yoga around the world.
Maybe i will one day know, but truly i have no idea right now…
And to use one of my fav quotes,

“I am learning every day
to allow the space between
where i am and where i want to be,
to inspire me and not terrify me.”
I know i want more of life. So much more. Change is a hard thing to go through. Even more reason to do it.

I dream of creating a space that I can connect to people across towns, countries, even across the world. I am very open to speaking about my own past, and every day encounters with depression, anxiety, mental illnesses, as well as low self esteem which i believe is so common for many of us now a days. I truly hope to use social media in a POSITIVE way with this blog.

(If you subscribed, i freaking love you and appreciate you so much, ALL OF MY THANKS <3)


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